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C-GLOPS: Copernicus Global Land Cover maps at a 100m resolution
CALL FOR ARTISTIC IMAGINATION: Life in 2050 with much less energy
CALL OPEN! IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowship
CALL OPEN! Marie Curie Individual Fellowships
CALL OPEN! Peking University (PKU) - IIASA Postdoctoral Program
CALL OPENS: JANUARY 23 - The Korea Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
Can seaweed be the solution to our land problems?
Can sub-Saharan Africa achieve sustainable access to energy for all by 2030?
Can we estimate the time until the next recession?
Carbon neutrality - what does this mean for the world?
Carbon pricing could prompt greener, smarter post-COVID recovery
Carlos Nobre elected as a foreign member of the Royal Society
Carmen Marcos
Caroline Zimm
Catastrophe Simulation (CATSIM)
CD-LINKS Scenario Explorer
Celebrating 50 years of systems analysis
Celebrating 50 years of systems science
Celebrating 50 years of systems science
Celian Colon
Celso Moretti, President of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) visits IIASA
Challenges and opportunities of the Arctic region: Launch of new scientific report
Charlie Wilson
Charlotte Janssens
Charlotte Kottusch
Cherry Edwards
Chihiro Watanabe
China’s low fertility may not hinder future prosperity
Chris Heyes
Chris Smith
Christian Folberth
Christian Koeberl awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, First Class
Christiane Pohn-Hufnagl
Christiane Pohn-Hufnagl appointed IIASA Chief Operations Officer
Christopher Wong
Citizen Science at the UN World Data Forum
Citizen Science for Landslide Risk Reduction and Disaster Resilience Building in Mountain Regions (Landslide EVO)
Citizen science: empowering citizens to address global challenges
City Oases
Claudia Reiter
Clean air needs more than climate policy
Clean Air Strategies for Europe
Climate action can lessen poverty and inequality worldwide
Climate adaptation lessons learned from the Cape Town drought
Climate Change and Extreme Events: What Role for Insurance?
Climate Change and Population Dynamics
Climate change and transformations at the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Summit
Climate change induced waterstress: challenges and opportunities in Austrian regions (WaterStressAT)
Climate change or behavior change?
Climate change triggers migration
Climate Change, Aridity and Internal Migration
Climate change, voting behavior and family policies
Climate crisis boosts displacement
Climate Exp0: Advancing a Resilient, Zero-Carbon World, 17-21 May 2021 (virtual event)
Climate mitigation measures could impact food security
Climate mitigation through achieving biodiversity targets
Climate policies, transition risk, and financial stability
Climate resilient policy-led bioeconomy pathways (BIOCLIMAPATHS)
Climate-friendly cooling to help ease global warming
Closing knowledge gaps for sustainable agriculture
Closing the gap: Citizen science to monitor sustainable development
Co-creating digital tools to address misinformation in the social media age
CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange Costs (COACCH)
CO-development of Methods to utilize uncertain multi-model based Information on freshwater-related hazards of Climate Change (CO-MICC)
Co-development – more than just a buzz word
Co-generating visions for “climate modernity”
Colin Adair
Collecting in-situ Data for Earth Observation Product Validation via Social Games (LandSpotting)
Columbia Climate School Conference 2021: At What Point Managed Retreat? Resilience, Relocation and Climate Justice
Combatting climate change – how to best use new technologies?
Community of Science and Practice
Community Water Model (CWatM)
Complex Systems Modelling: An Opportunity to Better Understand and Anticipate Humanitarian Needs? IIASA at OCHA Center for HumData Webinar
Conceptualizing “safe and just” for the future of the planet and its people
Conference Committees
Conference on Integrative Economics
Connecting Energy Societies
Consistent algorithm for linking distributed models under asymmetric information
Consultations on the next steps in the operationalization of Euro-Asian transport corridors
Contact list
Containing methane and its contribution to global warming
Cooperation across boundaries and sectors could boost sustainable development in South Asia
Cooperation and joint investments are key to sustainable development in the Indus basin
Coordinated action needed to halt and reverse dangerous biodiversity loss
Core values
Coronavirus: a wake-up call to strengthen the global food system
Cost effective solutions to manage nutrient pollution in the Yangtze
Could water solve the renewable energy storage challenge?
Council Executive Committee (ExCo)
Council Executive Committee meeting - September 2022
Council internal
Council Meeting: 14-15 June 2022
COVID-19 could cause declines in life expectancy in 2020 in severely affected areas
COVID-19 information
COVID-19 research and resources
COVID-19: A shock to the global system
COVID-19: A shock to the global system
COVID-19: An unprecedented shock to social and economic systems
COVID-19: Visualizing regional indicators for better decision making
COVID19 – Let’s Not Forget the Humans
Crafting mines from satellite images
Crop Observe App
Crowdsourcing and gaming reveal land cover
Crowdsourcing campaign identifies drivers of tropical forest loss
Crowdsourcing data to monitor progress on the SDGs
Crowdsourcing for post-disaster damage mapping
Crowdsourcing | Survey coming soon
Crowdsourcing | Survey coming soon
Cultivating a new set of core values at IIASA
Cutting ammonia emissions is a cost-effective way to prevent air pollution deaths
Cutting Greenhouse Gases in Europe
Cutting HFCs to cool the Earth
CWAtM Training Workshop in Israel
Cyberseminar The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing
Cynthia Festin