Climate services play a pivotal role in the European Union's efforts to propel climate action, strengthen resilience, and foster a data-driven economy. The 2015 European research and innovation roadmap exemplified this commitment by fostering the co-development of climate services and enabling their market growth, aligned with the objectives of the EU Green Deal. Climateurope2, funded by EU Horizon Europe, is a coordination and supporting action dedicated to promoting the use of trustworthy climate services, enhancing the climate service community, and fostering grassroots standardisation

SYRR Researcher, Michaela Bachmann will give a presentation at the Cliamteurope2 Festival on "Enhancing climate risk assessment with specialized framework and toolbox" from the CLIMAAX project.

Festival Agenda © Climateurope2


This festival features a diverse program, including top-tier plenary sessions, practical workshops, an interactive marketplace, and networking opportunities in the form of a 'world café,' creating a rich and engaging experience for attendees. Delving into a wide range of topics related to the meaningful use of climate services, the festival's central themes include:

EU Mission on Climate Change: Explore the EU Mission on Climate Change and its pivotal role
in creating the conditions for effective adaptation and resilience building through the use of
climate services.

Urban challenges: Gain in-depth insights into the unique challenges faced by urban
environments in the context of climate change, with a particular focus on sustainable urban
development and climate-resilient cities.

Water management challenges: Engage in discussions on water management strategies,
emphasising the crucial role of climate services in addressing water-related challenges and
ensuring sustainable water resource management.


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