The main objective of CLIMAAX is to support the implementation of the EU Adaptation Strategy and the HE Mission Adaptation first objective: preparing and planning for climate resilience.

Many European regions and communities have limited experience and resources to integrate available local and global data, models, and concepts into a context-specific Climate Risk Assessment (CRA). For an authoritative CRA, local data and evidence need to be integrated with established pan-European reference data and scenarios. CLIMAAX will provide substantial financial, analytical and practical support to regions and communities to develop and improve their CRAs by a number of activities.
CLIMAAX will deliver

(a) a standardized CRA framework CRA built on current community experience and best-practices,

(b) a Toolbox with data, models and utilities to provide access to European and global open data archives integrated with local data and procedures,

(c) five European pilot regional CRAs to shape the framework and toolset,

(d) financial support for at least 50 regions to execute a context-specific CRA,

(e) CRA guidance material and online helpdesk for other European regions, and

(f) a proposal to upscale results into the future operationalization of the regional CRA support function.

The main target groups are regional authorities, community organizations (sectoral stakeholder organizations, NGOs, citizen networks) and Civil Protection Agencies focusing on climate risk management and emergency response. The project will engage a large Community of Practice to co-creates the framework and toolbox and co-define the financial support application and monitoring criteria.
The main outcome will be a demonstrated acceleration of the design and implementation of regional risk management plans for climate adaptation and emergency response.