Postdoctoral students wishing to develop skills, experience and expertise in systems analysis, and in international and interdisciplinary research are invited to apply for a 2 year fellowship within the PKU-IIASA Postdoctoral Program. 

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The Peking University (PKU) - IIASA Postdoctoral Program is open to applicants of all nationalities and is aimed at training highly qualified early-career postdoctoral researchers to carry out research in fields of mutual interest at both PKU and IIASA, which include but are not limited to advanced methodology, technological, economic, and environmental challenges including pollution and risk analysis, energy, ecology, and ecosystems management, and natural resources including water. 

The fellows will gain first-hand experience in applying systems analysis to real-world problems and issues. The fellows will have access to a network of international collaborators, many of them with highly successful careers in their own specialized scientific areas, which can help in boosting future career prospects.


1) Candidates are required to develop and submit a research proposal that interfaces their own research interests with the research agenda of one of the various activities pursued at IIASA. 

To find the program suitable for your research please view our research page. Once you have formulated a proposal we encourage you to contact the relevant program representatives

Please explore the research areas currently present on the IIASA website to identify areas of possible research themes/interests that would fit into your developing research proposals. We encourage applicants to identify and reach out to IIASA researchers to discuss their proposals and identify potential supervisors early on in the process. 

We suggest to look at the application form, frame the proposed according to the questions there, and then send an introductory e-mail. This is vital, not only to discuss research ideas and ascertain their relevance to IIASA but also to ensure more realistic research plans and expectations on the part of both IIASA and the applicant. 

2) Each applicant must identify at least one faculty member/supervisor from each institution who agrees to serve as his/her host supervisor. For information of faculty members at Peking University, please visit:

3) Candidates should have held their PhD for less than five years at the application deadline. However, eligibility is extended under the following circumstances. 

Due to the requirements of the Chinese National Postdoctoral Affairs Management Committee, candidates over the age of 35 years will not be considered and applicants holding tenure or in tenure-track faculty positions are not eligible. 

4) IIASA does not do lab-type research and therefore has no labs. The IIASA postdoctoral fellowship requires you to be present at IIASA; please do not apply if you need to stay away from the institute for you research, or expect IIASA to fund field research.

5) Applicants must spend their first year at PKU and second year at IIASA

6) Before applying please also have a look at our postdoctoral fellowship guidelines.

7) IIASA selection criteria:

  • Quality of the research
  • Novelty of the research
  • Candidate's merits
  • Cross-cutting potential


Fellowship applicants are required to prepare application documents in English and include all of the following (except the two recommendation letters) in one PDF document:

  • PKU-IIASA International Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Form
  • Full CV or Resume
  • Two recommendation letters (directly send by referees to coordinators listed below. including one from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor)
  • An endorsement letter or e-mail from each of the envisaged postdoctoral supervisors at PKU and IIASA. The letter or e-mail should include applicant’s qualifications, detailed information on the added value of the research project and a clear statement of commitment regarding the physical and intellectual research environment that the supervisor will provide to the fellow.

Application Deadline 

The call is now open. All applications must be received by 15 May 2024 (deadline extended!)

Important Deadlines

End of June 2024 – Selected fellows will be notified

Between September and December 2024 – Preferred commencement of fellowship

Applicants are requested to submit their application document as one PDF file by email simultaneously to the following 3 coordinators:

For PKU General and Scientific Queries

Dr. Fan Deshang
Director of Division of Postdoctoral Affairs
Peking University (PKU)
E-mail address:

For PKU General and Scientific Queries

Dr. Sun Wenjie
PKU Postdoc Coordinator
E-mail address:

For IIASA General Queries

Aleksandra Cofala
IIASA Capacity development and Academic Training Coordinator
E-mail address:

For IIASA Scientific Queries

Please get in touch with the relevant program representative to find out about mutual interest in your intended research and to identify the best research group for your topic: