IIASA welcomes senior researchers, senior policy-makers and leaders from around the world to bring their sabbatical to IIASA and become a Guest Affiliate of the Institute, for a duration of three to twelve months.

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Becoming a IIASA Guest Affiliate will enable you to spend time with a cohort of system thinkers, allowing you to return home and serve in your position applying a "systems analysis lens" to your work. While being here, you'll be able to familiarize yourself various IIASA models and research tools, as well as benefit from a multicultural, interdisciplinary team of colleagues with different backgrounds, trained in different methods and modes of thinking.

All Guest Affiliates are responsible to organize their own funding to bring their sabbatical to IIASA. Many universities have provisions for taking sabbaticals and spending time abroad. In addition, IIASA has Member Organizations (MOs) in 20 countries, some of which are willing to fund the living costs for a researcher to bring their sabbatical to IIASA. It is recommended that you directly reach out to your MO, to establish which type of support (if any) could be provided.

Read testimonials below to see how the being a Guest Affiliate at IIASA has impacted researchers from all over the world - here some impressions from those who came in 2023.

Dr Chaoqun (Crystal) Lu
I collaborated with colleagues from IIASA to devise a methodology for forecasting the dynamic N2O EF (emission factor) across diverse climate and management scenarios. The dynamic EF is a crucial yet uncertain coefficient in N2O assessment and prediction. The utilization of the default EF value from the IPCC over various spatial and temporal dimensions has demonstrated challenges in numerous studies. Our approach involved integrating process-based modeling, a machine learning framework, and the GAINS model to assess the impact of dynamic EF prediction on the evaluation of N2O emissions and the identification of nitrogen abatement strategies. By combining these methods, we aimed to enhance the precision and relevance of N2O assessments, addressing the limitations associated with static EF values in previous research. It has truly been a memorable experience. IIASA provides a very open and international working environment, which makes collaboration rather easy and efficient. I am excited about the prospect of writing up our work, presenting it at the coming AGU, and expanding our collaboration into various aspects. Additionally, my family has thoroughly enjoyed life in Vienna, from visiting beautiful palaces to savoring delicious food, including the must-try Sturm and homemade poppy seed cake! Weekends spent traveling around, especially Upper Austria that has breathtaking views, all add to the great experience. During her 2023 IIASA sabbatical, Chaoqun worked as a Guest Research Scholar in the Pollution Management research group, Energy, Climate and Environment (ECE) Research Program. Dr Lu is an Associate Professor at Iowa State University, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology. 
Dr Yun Shu
During my time at IIASA, I have been actively engaged in air pollution management. It has been a rewarding experience, contributing to policy making. Undoubtedly, this has been a memorable experience. The collaborative environment, cutting-edge research, and the warm camaraderie among colleagues have made my time here truly special. During his 2023 IIASA sabbatical, Yun worked as a Guest Research Scholar in the Pollution Management research group, Energy, Climate and Environment (ECE) Research Program.

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