Read what past postdocs have to say about their wonderful experience at IIASA.

I chose IIASA because it is an international environment with high profile researchers doing interdisciplinary work that translates from science to policy
I am glad to be at such a well-established institute and work with scientists leading global environmental change research.
Katya Perez Guzman
I love IIASA because it combines good science with a wonderful place and a sense of community.  Being in the postdoc program has allowed me to come into contact with new definitions of system analysis, as well as with new methodologies. I have also deepened my knowledge of the ones I knew, and met people who are currently using many of these in their research.
Edmar Teixeira
The postdoctoral opportunity at IIASA is a unique experience to work with multi-disciplinary teams. Different from an academic environment, programs are organized to tackle common challenges that society is facing, such as climate change, population growth, air pollution and land use changes. Researchers have to apply their expertise on a broader context to analyze complex systems and produce applied scientific output relevant for policy making needs. One of the advantages of being at IIASA is to learn to communicate with colleagues of completely different backgrounds and discover new angles to work on common problems.
Katsumasa Tanaka
I first came to IIASA as a participant of the 2005 Young Scientists Summer Program and later returned as a IIASA postdoc in April 2007. I like the international/interdisciplinary culture here. It is certainly an exciting but challenging task to build up interdisciplinary collaborations as a postdoc. But in my view this interdisciplinary nature of the institute attracts people and provides a distinct value to the IIASA Postdoc Program.
Jose Siri
The unique opportunities available to post-doctoral fellows at IIASA mirror the exceptionality of the Institute itself. In few places is such a breadth of scientific interests backed by such a history of distinguished research, or paired with the imperative for global policy relevance that is one of IIASA’s enduring trademarks. As a postdoc, I have been deeply influenced—to my great advantage—by IIASA’s interdisciplinarity, internationality, collegiality, and participation at a high level in addressing the grand challenges of our times. Internalizing the Institute’s nuanced way of examining and addressing complex problems has expanded and enhanced my own scientific capabilities, and working in its really unparalleled ambience has been a highlight of my career so far.
Tapas Mishra
When I joined IIASA's post doctoral program I soon realized that not all academic theories, however rigorously thought out, can interpret the integrated dynamics of the real world. At IIASA I learnt the efficacy of applying theory to practice and deriving policies which are integrated in nature. The multidimensional approach to viewing a problem often encourages integrated solutions to a very complex system. If you wish to test a theory and enlarge its core, IIASA is one of the best places to do it. IIASA's postdoctoral program is a learning experience in itself as researchers, while continuing with their own research, can easily become involved in themes running in different programs. A two-year postdoctoral research position at IIASA, opens up a world of career opportunities, that are not confined to the academic sphere.
Wei Liu
The IIASA Postdoctoral Program offers a unique experience to help young scientists grow and prosper. Here I conduct independent interdisciplinary research, with strong intellectual supports from a superb supervisor and a large number of scientists with diverse research background. I learned a lot on systems thinking and analytic approaches through interactions with scientists from different disciplines and cultures. I benefited significantly through observing how IIASA commits in and works on using sound science to inform international and regional policies. I also had a chance to supervise a PhD student in IIASA's Young Scientist Summer Program. Last but not least, I really enjoyed the international atmosphere here in Laxenburg and Vienna area. Overall, I feel that I will be well prepared for my next step in academia by the end of my Postdoc program here at IIASA.
Nicklas Forsell
IIASA is a unique place to work that will take you on an intense and highly fulfilling journey. People here are highly dedicated to their work and you will be surrounded by an international atmosphere where people want to do a good job and are happy to help you and see you grow. It’s a place where you get to work close to policy makers, giving you insights in what their needs are and how your work and analysis can make this world a better place. It will challenge your thoughts and put on new directions. But most importantly, IIASA is not only a place to work; it’s a place to live. Yes, people here are hard working and very dedicated; however, they also want to have a good balance by striving to have a lot of fun with their colleagues also outside of the office. You will get invited into their life and be given the taste of cultures and traditions from all over the world. In all, if you get the opportunity to come to IIASA, don’t hesitate for a second, IIASA will for sure take you on an inspiring ride!
Luzma Fabiola Nava
The IIASA Luis Donaldo Colosio Postdoctoral Fellowship offers a unique research experience for Mexican citizens. It is a great program aimed to build and increase research capacity for young scientists by proving a riche and dynamic work atmosphere. As fellow at IIASA, I have learned on analytical work and policy-making interventions. Also, I have had the opportunity to supervise a PhD student in IIASA's Young Scientist Summer Program. Furthermore, I really enjoy doing sports with some of my colleagues. Last but not least, the city of Vienna and its surroundings are just amazing. Certainly, I cannot deny that a two-year postdoctoral research position at IIASA opens up a greater range of world opportunities.
Xiaojie Chen
I think IIASA is a place of international culture and interdisciplinary research. At IIASA, I can discuss and collaborate with colleagues from my own discipline and also have the chance to communicate with colleagues of completely different backgrounds. The postdoc opportunity at IIASA can help me further study my research projects and broaden my research topics. Moreover, it is very exciting that I have the opportunity to conduct my research work into some realistic applied systems, and hence to solve real-world problems facing the needy in people’s work and daily life.
Nuno Bento
What can be more rewarding than working on some of the most pressing issues of our time, using your skills to produce solutions that can have real impacts on the future of mankind? IIASA provides outstanding conditions for analyzing these global problems, in terms of the knowledge capacity of its research staff and the supporting infrastructure, both of which improve the likelihood of a successful research experience. While many researchers across the world are constantly trying to find a needle in a haystack; IIASA can provide you with a metal detector!