Read testimonials below to see how the YSSP has impacted participants from all over the world. Here’s what the group of 2019 said about the program (selected).

Christine Hiung
IIASA has a great reputation as a research institute – the guidance I’ve received from scientists at the institute with their experience and background, has been invaluable.
Bertram De Boer
The IIASA YSSP offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with those who are directly involved with setting the stage for current debates on pressing environmental challenges.
Roope Kaaronen
During the YSSP I met so many talented and friendly researchers from such diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. I feel like my time at IIASA will result in many future collaborations!
Paul Joseph Ruess
IIASA is a research powerhouse with many high-profile and well-established investigators, all at the same institute. The research done at IIASA covers many different programs and study areas, which simplifies and encourages collaboration.
Matthew Gibson
IIASA has exposed me to world leading research and scholars in an environment where I felt empowered to really explore my topic.
Helene Benveniste
The YSSP experience is what Ph.D. life should be: stimulating and rewarding work, incredible colleagues from all around the world, and a lot of fun.
Maye Ru
My experience at IIASA helped me think more broadly about my career choices, and how my work can reach and interact with a broader community both inside and out of academia.
Yoga Wienda Pratama
I got the complete package at IIASA: networking with brilliant people, learning advanced scientific approaches, and being exposed to a “think bigger and deeper environment.”