Vienna is organized into 23 districts ('Bezirke'), the first being the city center and the succeeding numbers fanning out like a snail-shell into the suburbs. The commute from Vienna to IIASA will take 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the location of your accommodation) as the institute is based in a former imperial palace located in Laxenburg, Lower Austria.

Housing options in Vienna

For an easy commute to IIASA we recommend you look into housing options close to the Vienna Central Station (‘Wien Hauptbahnhof’): districts 3, 4, 5, 10, and 12.

Whether you prefer to live on your own or bring family, please find a compiled list of recommended housing options in Vienna below:

Staying at a dorm

A number of dormitories can be found in Vienna (for example Student Residence Laaerbergstrasse, Student Residence Erdbergstrasse, Student Residence Gasometer, OEAD student housing, more options on HousingAustria, or Home4Students).

Rooms available there are usually fully furnished single rooms within a living community (2-4 tenants, shared bathroom and kitchen).

The monthly rent for a single room varies between €400-700, apartments usually more expensive.

There is also a dorm in Mödling (city near IIASA): OEJAB Moedling

Please directly contact dorms and housing websites to organize your stay. The sooner you book, the better. Especially dorm rooms are traditionally filling up very quickly. Please note, YSSP participants are responsible to find and make their own accomodation bookings.

Useful websites for other accommodation types

Useful Facebook groups



Getting Around

Commuting by bike

Vienna and its surroundings offer excellent cycling paths. You may want to consider bringing your bike with you if it is your preferred mode of transportation. Here is more information about cycling in Vienna and the Vienna public city bikes rental system.

For those interested in biking to IIASA, you can buy used bikes online or visit flea-markets in Vienna and Mödling where bikes, pre-Covid, were sold for about €50-70.


Public transportation


How to get to IIASA

For directions on how to get to our institute please visit the following link.