Become an IIASA Climate Champion! Ready to actively contribute to climate action? Participate in the IIASA Climate Champions training, learn from leading sustainability scientists, and develop your own eco-friendly initiatives to implement at your school.

IIASA Climate Champions © IIASA

Becoming an IIASA Climate Champion helps the environment and lets you inspire others to make positive changes at your school and beyond. Learning from experienced IIASA scientists equips you with valuable knowledge and skills to actively make a difference.

Motivation checklist for potential IIASA Climate Champions: 

  • Passionate about caring for our planet
  • Enthusiastic to learn about sustainability-related topics such as climate change and biodiversity
  • Curious about how global sustainability is connected through different human and natural systems
  • Excited to develop soft skills, for example, critical thinking and teamwork
  • Enjoy connecting with others and making friends

Your responsibilities may include: 

  • Advocating for your fellow students' interests in climate protection at your school
  • Collaborating with teachers, parents, and fellow students to promote sustainability
  • Engaging as many individuals as possible in implementing sustainable changes at your school
  • Networking with other IIASA Climate Champions and developing innovative ideas together

What we provide: 

  • Workshops covering topics related to climate change and sustainability
  • Exchange with established sustainability experts at IIASA
  • Training on navigating scientific information, distinguishing between news and fake news
  • Opportunities for interaction with peers from other schools
  • Upon completion of the training, IIASA Climate Champion certificate

We encourage your school to nominate 2-4 students who will be trained over a full school year as IIASA Climate Ambassadors. We are aiming at students 14 years of age and above.

The aim of the training program, which runs over a full school year, is to provide the students not only with solid scientific facts within 4 half-day workshops a year but also with soft skills that are needed for passing on this knowledge and for building up their own sustainability initiatives in their schools and municipalities. All half-day trainings will take place at IIASA in Laxenburg:

The training days will deal with the following topics:

  • Climate change, climate resilience and climate justice
  • Consumer behavior, throwaway culture
  • Biodiversity
  • The impact of dietary choices on climate change mitigation and biodiversity loss reduction
  • Migration

The training will open with a first session taking place on Wednesday, 2 October.

Subsequent sessions will follow in the months of December, January/February, April and June (exact dates will be announced soon).


Should you wish to participate or need more information about the program please contact:

Aleksandra Cofala
Capacity Development Coordinator
Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit