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Thomas Schinko

Research Group Leader and Research Scholar

Equity and Justice Research Group

Population and Just Societies Program


Thomas Schinko joined the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) as a research scholar in 2014. Currently, he is Research Group Leader of the Equity and Justice (EQU) Research Group within the Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program at IIASA. He studied economics and environmental system sciences at the University of Graz, Austria and Uppsala University, Sweden.

Dr. Schinko's main research interests at IIASA fall into the areas of comprehensive climate risk management and just transitions. He focuses on the assessment of socio-economic impacts of climate related risks and their distributional effects, the identification of just and inclusive climate risk management strategies, the understanding of risks and risk perceptions connected with climate change mitigation and adaptation options, and the ethical and politico-economic aspects in the context of a Just Transition towards a sustainable future.

Dr. Schinko's areas of expertise include quantitative economic modeling as well as qualitative social science methods with a particular focus on participatory processes and action research. He has published in major international peer reviewed journals such as Science, Nature Climate Change and Nature Sustainability.

Last update: 16 MAR 2021


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