IIASA is offering half-day workshops for individual school classes on a topic in systems thinking. Each workshop is focusing on a specific topic in systems thinking, with well-defined learning objectives and will have interactive activities based on real situations and the challenge of solving specific tasks during the practical part of the sessions.

The students are encouraged to think about the complexity of the natural and social world they live in is one of the key objectives of the IIASA School Visits Initiative. These interactive workshops are designed to help students understand the broader implications of their choices and actions and equip them with valuable problem-solving skills.


The workshop topics cover issues such as climate change, climate resilience and climate justice, consumer behavior, throwaway culture, biodiversity, the impact of dietary choices on climate change mitigation and biodiversity loss reduction. 

Examples of two very successful workshops so far include 

  • Exploring Systems Thinking and Life Cycle Analysis through Chocolate, and 
  • Exploring Biodiversity and Nature-Inspired Technology 


The workshops take place on IIASA premises, typically from 9:00-11:30, and include a guided tour of the castle and possibility explore the nature of the adjacent Laxenburg park.

If you and your school wish to participate, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Until now almost 300 high school students have come through the old wooden doors of the castle that our institute is located in. Read about previous visits below.