Co-Inform project deals with the phenomena of misinformation and its impact on decision-making processes. Misinformation is a common problem for all media but it is especially exacerbated in the digital social media due to the speed and ease with which it can spread.

The aim of the Co-Inform project is to study the phenomenon of the rapid dissemination of misinformation in a multidisciplinary manner. The methodology of the project is based on the concept of co-creation, which implies that affected parties co-create together towards a mutually shared goal or value. Co-creation is based on interactions, sharing ideas and collaboration among different groups of stakeholders. The Co-Inform project will further develop co-creation methodologies to deal with misinformation on such a critical issue for the society as migration. It will involve different groups of stakeholders including citizen, journalists, fact-checkers and policy-makers in three case study countries - Austria, Greece and Sweden.  

The co-creation process promotes the development of socio-technical solutions to understand the phenomenon of misinformation and its impacts as well as to increase the resilience of the society to misinformation. It also aims to deliver a co-created misinformation resilient platform in a form of: 

  • A browser plugin to raise citizens’ awareness of fully or partially misinforming content, of related fact-checking articles and corrective information, of average citizens’ perceptions towards this content, and of key pro and against comment from fellow citizens.
  • A dashboard for fact-checking journalists and policy-makers, showing the misinformation detected, where it originates from, how and where it spreads and will spread in the near future, what the current and predictable public perceptions are, and the key comments about it from the public. 
Co-Inform leaflet © IIASA

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Joshi, S., Koulolias, V., Sjösberg, C., Perfumi, S., Saqr, M., Petritsopoulou, M., Casu, O., Sotirchos, D., Kyza, E., Shah, S., Leonard, A., Komendantova, N. , & Rodriguez-Perez, A. (2018). Co-Creation Framework – Building a Sustainable Ecosystem. Co-Inform Consortium

Research partners:

  • Stockholm University
  • Open University
  • FactCheckNI
  • University of Koblenz
  • Expert System Iberia
  • Cyprus University of Technology