IIASA researchers present makingAchange project results at a climate education event organized by Vienna's Municipal Department of Education.

Vienna's Municipal Department of Education is inviting stakeholders in climate education, such as program-leaders, educators, educational institutions, as well as the general public to the event "Climate, Education, Future – Shaping the Way to ‘Climate Fit’ Schools". The aim of this event is to showcase a variety of educational and scientific programs that, at their core, deal with innovations in education in the context of the climate crises.

Emma Prantl and Thomas Schinko from the Equity and Justice (EQU) Research Group will present insights from three years of implementing the "makingAchange Climate peer training". The training was developed as part of the makingAchange science-education cooperation project, which aims to mainstream the topics of climate protection and sustainability in the school environment as well as in everyday life of young people and thus to contribute to transformative change towards a climate resilient society.

For more information and registration to the event, please visit the organizer's website.

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