<time datetime="2023-09-06T09:23:42+02:00" class="datetime">06 September 2023</time> Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS &amp; Online

IIASA-NSFC YSSP 20th anniversary event

<time datetime="2023-04-12T09:23:42+02:00" class="datetime">12 April 2023</time> New Orleans, USA

IIASA at the PAA Annual Meeting 2023

<time datetime="2022-12-04T09:23:42+01:00" class="datetime">04 December 2022</time> Cape Town, South Africa

IIASA 50th Anniversary event in South Africa during the World Science Forum

<time datetime="2022-11-28T09:23:42+01:00" class="datetime">28 November 2022</time> Tel Aviv, Israel

IIASA-Israel Symposium on Sustainability Pathways empowered by Systems Analysis

<time datetime="2022-11-24T09:23:42+01:00" class="datetime">24 November 2022</time> Bratislava, Slovakia

IIASA 50th Anniversary event in Slovakia

<time datetime="2022-11-16T17:49:58+01:00" class="datetime">16 November 2022</time> Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Systems Analysis for Reducing Footprints and Enhancing Resilience

<time datetime="2022-10-28T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">28 October 2022</time> MTAszékház –1051. Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9. Kisterem

Alumni Event in Budapest, Hungary celebrates the 50th Anniversary of IIASA

<time datetime="2022-10-12T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">12 October 2022</time> Seoul, Republic of Korea and online

IIASA-Korea joint conference on systems analysis as a global approach

<time datetime="2022-10-06T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">06 October 2022</time> IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Lecture by IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Dirk Messner: Sustainability transformation in multiple crises

<time datetime="2022-10-04T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">04 October 2022</time> IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Lectures by IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellows and Happy Birthday IIASA event

<time datetime="2022-08-16T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">16 August 2022</time> Virtual

Systems analysis workshop in South Africa

<time datetime="2022-08-10T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">10 August 2022</time> New Delhi

International Conference: Systems Analysis for Enabling Integrated Policy Making

<time datetime="2022-06-14T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">14 June 2022</time> MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria

IIASA 50th Anniversary Science Diplomacy Event

<time datetime="2022-06-07T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">07 June 2022</time> Virtual event

IIASA and Iran host a seminar on Systems Analysis

<time datetime="2022-06-02T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">02 June 2022</time> Hybrid Meeting

Finland and IIASA Seminar on Systems Analysis

<time datetime="2022-05-26T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">26 May 2022</time> Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies

U.S. and IIASA Workshop on 50 Years of Building Research Bridges

<time datetime="2022-04-27T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">27 April 2022</time> Virtual event

IIASA and Israel Workshop on Integrated assessment and energy modeling

<time datetime="2022-04-07T17:49:58+02:00" class="datetime">07 April 2022</time> Hybrid event

IIASA and the ÖAW host discussions on biodiversity

<time datetime="2022-03-01T09:00:00+01:00" class="datetime">01 March 2022</time> Virtual Workshop

Systems Analysis Workshop in Jordan

<time datetime="2022-02-21T16:00:00+01:00" class="datetime">21 February 2022</time> Zoom Webinar

Biodiversity from a Systems Perspective


50 years of achievements

From the signing of the IIASA charter in 1972 to global policy impacts and contributions to Nobel winning research, this timeline highlights 50 major IIASA achievements of the past half century.

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