IIASA staff, alumni, and friends are invited to join us for combined lectures by IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellows and a Distinguished Guest from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ahead of the IIASA birthday celebration event on Tuesday, 4 October 2022.

Three IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellows, Maria Uhle, Eric Lambin, and Dirk Messner, along with Serhii Pyrozhkov, Vice president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will deliver combined lectures on the future of systems analysis in a world facing multiple crises during this inspiring two-hour event moderated by IIASA Interim Deputy Director General for Science, Wolfgang Lutz.

Distinguished Visiting Fellows are elected by the IIASA Council and comprise a global community of experts and leaders in research and at the science-policy interface with a proven track record of achievement and impact. They display a clear affinity for systemic thinking and analysis and recognize the key role of inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. They are the true ambassadors of IIASA and serve as a resource for the IIASA community during their visits to the institute.

Speakers at the DVF Lecture © IIASA

The lectures will be followed by a “Happy Birthday IIASA” celebration, which will be an informal party for those who compose and define the DNA of the institute: current IIASA staff, local IIASA alumni, IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellows, collaborators of the scientific Austrian landscape as well as local supporters from the Laxenburg community.