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21 March 2023

Wolfgang Lutz awarded the Science Prize of the Austrian Research Association

IIASA Interim Deputy Director for Science, Wolfgang Lutz, has received the Austrian Research Association’s 2023 Science Prize for his excellent scientific achievements and the scientific-political relevance and high topicality of his research.
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15 March 2023

Helping young Africans innovate for climate resilience

Africa is the continent that will be most adversely affected by climate change. IIASA researchers are collaborating on Yoma OR – an ambitious project aimed at helping young people grow their digital skills as a first step on a journey from learning to earning using AI, blockchain, and crowdsourcing.
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20 February 2023

Leena Srivastava appointed to the Board of Shell

Shell has announced the appointment of former IIASA Deputy Director General for Science, Leena Srivastava, to its Board as Non-Executive Director effective from 13 March 2023.


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25 January 2023

Ambitious actions are urgently needed to shift food and land use systems to a sustainable future

The Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land-Use and Energy (FABLE) Consortium's publication in Sustainability Science collects insights from 20 countries.

29 November 2022

Where are they now: Olga Danylo

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: IIASA alumna Olga Danylo was part of the development team of Restor, a global hub for over 120,000 nature restoration and conservation projects all over the world, and is currently the organization’s Technical Product Manager.
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29 November 2022

Bringing together the global systems analysis network

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: IIASA Connect presents a great opportunity for the system analysis community to engage and connect with colleagues around the world.
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