IIASA and Israel are jointly organizing a workshop on models for environmental and energy policy analysis to celebrate the 50th IIASA anniversary.

IIASA researchers from the Energy, Climate and Environment (ECE) Program, including Volker Krey, Adriano Vinca and Fabian Wagner, will exchange experiences and expertise on their modeling activities and forward looking research interests with a group of theirs peers. Israeli speakers will include Ofira Ayalon from the University of Haifa, IIASA Guest Senior Research Scholar from Tel Aviv University Vered Blass, Gideon Freidmann from the Israel Ministry of Energy and IIASA NMO Secretary and Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology Science & Technology Director Rami Aharoni.

This discussion series aims to advance the knowledge about energy and its integrated assessment modeling with the MESSAGEix framework, energy sector development scenarios for Israel, energy transport analysis, air quality co-benefits and policy talks.


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