The Israel Committee for IIASA, which is made up of representatives from Israeli universities, government ministries and the public, represents the Israeli membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Challenges and opportunities of renewable energy in Israel

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Israel and the Mediterranean region

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Water management in Israel

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Projecting demographic change in Israel


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Shafdan waste water treatment plant, Israel.

Water Futures and Solutions for Israel (WFaS-Israel)


17 June 2021

Where are they now: Ayelet Davidovitch

Options Magazine, Summer 2021: Ayelet Davidovitch was a postdoc in the IIASA-Israel Program from 2018 to 2019.
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18 June 2020

Modeling Israel’s energy future

Options Summer 2020: Researchers from IIASA and Israel have customized the IIASA MESSAGE and GLOBIOM models to Israel’s unique context, to provide Israeli policymakers with useful options and analyses as they plan for the future.
Cityscape of Tel-Aviv