The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is Egypt’s National Member Organization (NMO).

Main areas of collaborations: 


Challenges and opportunities of renewable energy in Egypt

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Sustainable resource management of water and land use

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Projecting demographic change in Egypt

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Increasing resilience to natural disasters


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22 December 2021

Launch of the Northern African Applied Systems Analysis Centre

In collaboration with the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Institute of National Planning, IIASA is proud to announce the launch of the Northern African Applied Systems Analysis Center (NAASAC).


09 November 2023

IIASA Connect: Building impactful regional communities

Options Magazine, Winter 2023: As IIASA Connect brings together the global systems analysis community, it also acts as a hub for regional communities to connect and engage.
IIASA Connect

07 August 2023

Unveiling complexity through systems analysis

Mai Awad reflects on her participation in the North Africa Applied Systems Analysis Center (NAASAC) Applied Systems Analysis Diploma and how this has transformed her mindset around how systems thinking can empower decision makers to tackle complex global challenges and design impactful policy solutions for a better tomorrow.