The National Academy of Sciences is one of the founding members of IIASA. The membership contribution for the US is supported by the National Science Foundation. The American Academy of Arts & Sciences served as NMO from 1982 until 2003.

Friends of IIASA (FoI) is a US-based non profit organisation that aims to foster and support research at and in cooperation with IIASA and the US research community and in close collaboration with the US NMO.


Main areas of collaborations: 


Advancing energy and integrated assessment modeling in the US

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Projecting changing population and human capital

Icon Land Use

Improving the use of land for food and for combating climate change

Icon vulnerable communities

Increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities

Icon Evolution Biodiversity

Analyzing ecological and evolutionary dynamics

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Developing the methods of systems analysis


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IIASA participants in front of the venue (Little Finlandia Conference Hall, Helsinki)

13 September 2023

FLAM Sparks Interest and Conversation at the 2023 IBFRA Conference in Helsinki

Boreal forests often bring to mind a winter wonderland: spruce and pine forests as far as the eye can see, fluffy snow dotted with reindeer beneath a nighttime sky brightened by the aurora borealis. Climate change threatens this fragile, pristine habitat that spans 8 countries in the far north. Now boreal forests are associated not just with snowy landscapes, they are becoming synonymous with raging wildfires and massive plumes of smoke, such as those found currently in Canada. Mitigating the threats posed by climate change in this unique ecosystem and discussing the most recent boreal-related research is the focus of the International Boreal Forest Association conference. Organized in large part by IIASA’s own Florian Kraxner, IBFRA 2023 was held in Helsinki, Finland, where researchers from around the globe gathered to discuss recent findings, foster new connections, and contribute to a plan of attack to save boreal forests as we know them.
3D Earth Globe and with 17 colorful icons representing the Sustainable Development Goals

13 July 2023

IIASA at the United Nations High-level Political Forum in New York

The High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2023 kicked off at the UN Headquarters in New York this week. IIASA is involved in several capacities at this international conference to support policymakers in countries around the world with science-based inputs to help them develop effective policies to address the interconnected global challenges and opportunities society faces today.
Biofuel filling station on a green background

07 July 2023

IIASA research informs EPA's regulations for sustainable biofuels

IIASA research informed the recently announced Final Renewable Fuels Standards Rule by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding biofuel volume requirements and percentage standards for 2023–2025. The rule establishes biofuel volume requirements and associated percentage standards in view of steady growth of biofuel use in the US's fuel supply and aims to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future.


Elderly gentleman in white shirt having difficulties with extreme heat, high temperature, wiping sweat from face

31 July 2023

Extreme heat is particularly hard on older adults – an aging population and climate change put ever more people at risk

Scorching temperatures have put millions of Americans in danger this summer, with heat extremes stretching from coast to coast in the Southern US. IIASA researcher Giacomo Falcetta and colleagues from Boston University looked into this issue in an article recently published on The Conversation.

Internet information technology conceptual image with data transmission and processing over a world map.

24 July 2023

Rethinking AI: from geopolitical chessboard to shared commons

2023 IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program participant, Jalal Awan, explains how reframing artificial intelligence as a common good co-created by global users and stakeholders could help harness its transformative power for the benefit of all.  

28 June 2023

Proving health insurance coverage can extend lifespan in the United States

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Health insurance expansion in the US increases lifespan through medical innovation but may lead to overconsumption by the elderly, highlighting the need for a systemic approach in evaluating healthcare policies.
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