The National Academy of Sciences is one of the founding members of IIASA. The membership contribution for the US is supported by the National Science Foundation. The American Academy of Arts & Sciences served as NMO from 1982 until 2003.

Friends of IIASA (FoI) is a US-based non profit organisation that aims to foster and support research at and in cooperation with IIASA and the US research community and in close collaboration with the US NMO.


Main areas of collaborations: 
Icon Energy © armkay

Advancing energy and integrated assessment modeling in the US

Icon Population © latysheva

Projecting changing population and human capital

Icon Land Use © createyp

Improving the use of land for food and for combating climate change

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Increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities

Icon Evolution Biodiversity © tatah

Analyzing ecological and evolutionary dynamics

Icon Systems © coquet

Developing the methods of systems analysis


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Sunrise on a misty boreal forest

31 January 2022

Forest management increases climate benefits provided by boreal forests

The carbon stock in managed boreal forest landscapes is increasing, while it is relatively unchanged in less intensively utilized forests where carbon losses due to forest fires have instead been significant during 1990-2017, according to a new report by the International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA).
Silhouetted people working outside with sustainability concept background

18 January 2022

UW-Madison and IIASA partner on environmental policy projects

After more than 40 years of collaboration, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and IIASA have established a formal partnership on a variety of policy-relevant projects related to energy, climate, air quality, and more.


29 November 2021

Assessing the cost of a herd immunity approach to COVID-19 in the USA

Options Winter 2021: The herd immunity approach was initially considered as a management option for the COVID-19 pandemic. IIASA researchers looked at what the cost of inaction would have been in the USA.
blurry crowd of people on the street wearing masks

17 June 2021

Getting a fuller picture of COVID-19 infections

Options Summer 2021: Knowing how many people are infected is key to accurately monitor pandemics. IIASA researchers used a novel approach to indirectly estimate the fraction of people ever infected and the fraction of people detected among the infected in the United States.
Diagram of COVID infection rates