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The National Academy of Sciences is one of the founding members of IIASA. The membership contribution for the US is supported by the National Science Foundation. The American Academy of Arts & Sciences served as NMO from 1982 until 2003.

Friends of IIASA (FoI) is a US-based non profit organisation that aims to foster and support research at and in cooperation with IIASA and the US research community and in close collaboration with the US NMO.


Main areas of collaborations: 

Advancing energy and integrated assessment modeling in the US

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Projecting changing population and human capital

Icon Land Use

Improving the use of land for food and for combating climate change

Icon vulnerable communities

Increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities

Icon Evolution Biodiversity

Analyzing ecological and evolutionary dynamics

Icon Systems

Developing the methods of systems analysis


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world map made up of immigration stamps

24 January 2023

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?

New research finds a high variation between how pandemic mitigation measures affected immigration to different destination countries, from a slight increase to huge reductions.
Woman holding tablet showing health insurance concept

13 January 2023

Health insurance as a fuel for medical progress

A new study argues that expanding health insurance coverage can drive medical progress, support wellbeing, and even extend lifespan in the United States.
girl in lockdown looking out of the window

05 September 2022

Lessons learned from COVID-19 mitigation measures

Due to the uncertainty of the timing of vaccine approval at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers struggled to find the best mitigation measures. In a new study, researchers analyzed how the expectation of a vaccine influences optimal lockdown measures.


12 April 2023 New Orleans, USA

IIASA at the PAA Annual Meeting 2023


Sunrise over the forest

20 January 2023

Understanding the link between biodiversity and land-use management

Meet Cindy Azuero-Pedraza, a participant in the 2022 IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program. Learn about her forestry research in the Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program, where she worked with the Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group to incorporate biodiversity data into forest management decisions.

04 December 2022

Celebrating 50 years of global collaboration

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: IIASA organized a series of celebratory activities with its member organizations throughout 2022 to celebrate 50 years of groundbreaking systems analysis research and opportunities to strengthen partnerships and collaborations with the global scientific community.
People connected around the globe concept illustration

15 September 2022

Meet the 2022 YSSP scholarship recipients

Each year, select  Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) participants win a scholarship to support their travel and research. In 2022, IIASA welcomed Swaptik Chowdhury, the recipient of the Roger Levien Fellowship, and Chayasmita Deka, who received the Professor Jyoti and Professor Kirit Parikh Fellowship.