Austria is the host country of IIASA. The Austrian Academy of Sciences is the National Member Organization (NMO) representing Austria and entrusts the Austrian IIASA Committee with oversight of IIASA. 

Main areas of collaborations: 

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Advancing demographic methods

Icon Climate Change

Tackling climate change and greenhouse gas emissions


Transitions toward a sustainable energy future

Icon Risk Resilience

Increasing climate and disaster resilience in Austria

Icon Land Use

Land use in Austria and Europe

Icon Technology Big Data

Developing expertise in big data


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Johanna San Pedro at IIASA

05 September 2023

Spotlight on Johanna San Pedro: Newest Researcher in the FLAM Team

Johanna San Pedro is the latest addition to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group at IIASA. We wanted to take this opportunity to share her journey before IIASA, her passions, and what makes her a unique addition to the FLAM team.
Performers on the stage during a performance of Breath

30 August 2023

Performing artists and scientists take the stage at Vienna’s MuTh theatre

An Austrian choreographer, an American playwright, and a Dutch composer have collaborated with scientists to shed light on various dimensions of the ecological crisis in artistic ways. On 6 October 2023 at 20:00 CET, they will present some of their work in an engaging program titled “What We Want” at the MuTh, one of Vienna’s well-known concert halls.
IIASA Interns

30 August 2023

The IIASA Summer Experience: A Blend of Learning and Experience in a nurturing atmosphere

Every summer, IIASA turns into a buzzing hub of knowledge seekers, and this year is no different! The AFE FLAM team welcomed three interns and three YSSP fellows this summer and we took a moment to chat with Rasheed, Adrian, Laura, and Lawrence about their experiences and goals.



26 June 2023

Systems analysis for reducing footprints and enhancing resilience: Reflections on the 2022 IIASA-ÖAW Conference

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA Advancing Systems Analysis Program Director, Elena Rovenskaya, and Viktor J. Bruckman, National Member Organization Secretary for Austria, reflect on the main topics discussed at this jointly organized hybrid event that formed part of the IIASA 50th anniversary celebrations.
Illustration of Vienna Skyline with Color Buildings, Blue Sky and Reflections.

16 May 2023

Would Vienna still be Vienna without migrants?

What would Vienna look like without migrants, and what kind of socioeconomic implications would such a situation have? IIASA researchers Anne Goujon and Thomas Schinko delved into these questions in response to a recent public debate on the topic.

Modern agricultural technology concepts superimposed on seedling

15 February 2023

From farm to space and back: adapting Austrian agriculture to climate change

Juan Carlos Laso Bayas and colleagues reflect on the outcomes of the SATFARM Services project, which set out to create models that demonstrate the potential of satellite data to track climate-smart agricultural practices and visualize indicators to track their success in a prototype web platform for Austrian farmers.