Austria is the host country of IIASA. The Austrian Academy of Sciences is the National Member Organization (NMO) representing Austria and entrusts the Austrian IIASA Committee with oversight of IIASA. 

Main areas of collaborations: 

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Advancing demographic methods

Icon Climate Change

Tackling climate change and greenhouse gas emissions


Transitions toward a sustainable energy future

Icon Risk Resilience

Increasing climate and disaster resilience in Austria

Icon Land Use

Land use in Austria and Europe

Icon Technology Big Data

Developing expertise in big data


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21 March 2023

Wolfgang Lutz awarded the Science Prize of the Austrian Research Association

IIASA Interim Deputy Director for Science, Wolfgang Lutz, has received the Austrian Research Association’s 2023 Science Prize for his excellent scientific achievements and the scientific-political relevance and high topicality of his research.
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24 January 2023

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?

New research finds a high variation between how pandemic mitigation measures affected immigration to different destination countries, from a slight increase to huge reductions.
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20 January 2023

Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science, and Research visits IIASA

IIASA recently welcomed Austria's Federal Minister for Education, Science, and Research, Martin Polaschek, to discuss ongoing research projects and explore potential collaborations between the institute and the Austrian government.


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16 May 2023

Would Vienna still be Vienna without migrants?

What would Vienna look like without migrants, and what kind of socioeconomic implications would such a situation have? IIASA researchers Anne Goujon and Thomas Schinko delved into these questions in response to a recent public debate on the topic.

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15 February 2023

From farm to space and back: adapting Austrian agriculture to climate change

Juan Carlos Laso Bayas and colleagues reflect on the outcomes of the SATFARM Services project, which set out to create models that demonstrate the potential of satellite data to track climate-smart agricultural practices and visualize indicators to track their success in a prototype web platform for Austrian farmers.

05 December 2022

In pursuit of resilience at 1.5°C

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: How would your community cope if floods or wildfires raced through it? With a 1.5°C rise in global temperature drawing nearer, such crises become more likely, but it is hard to gauge how prepared communities are. Does everyone have savings in place? Could schools remain open? Do people know the flood drill?
In pursuit of resilience at 1.5degC