United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) represent the United Kingdom’s membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 
Icon Climate Change © denimao

Applying integrated assessment models to identify strategies to tackle Climate Change

Icon 1.5 Global Warming © webtech

Investigating ways to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels

Icon Forest Land Use © aomam

Improving our understanding of the carbon cycle and the roles played by forests and agricultural lands

Icon Risk Resilience © aislaam

Enhancing climate and disaster resilience in the UK, Europe and the developing World

Icon Evolution Biodiversity © tatah

Understanding ecological responses to natural and anthropogenic drivers of change

Icon Systems © coquet

Advancing the methods of systems analysis


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Covid-19 Coronavirus Spreading Across Europe

15 July 2021

Tracking COVID-19 across Europe

According to the World Health Organization, a third wave of COVID infections is now all but inevitable in Europe. A COVID tracker developed by IIASA researcher Asjad Naqvi, aims to identify, collect, and collate various official regional datasets for European countries, while also combining and homogenizing the data to help researchers and policymakers explore how the virus spreads.

11 February 2021

Raising climate ambitions could save millions of lives

Adopting policies that are consistent with achieving the Paris Agreement and prioritize health, could annually save 6.4 million lives due to healthier diets, 1.6 million lives due to cleaner air, and 2.1 million lives due to increased physical activity, according to new research.


12 June 2020

Using dynamic modeling to reduce acidification

Options Summer 2020: According to IIASA research, appropriate indicators are needed to characterize the sensitivity of ecosystems and help inform effects-based emission reduction policies to ensure surface water recovery from acidification by 2050.
areal view of lake


21 February 2022 Zoom Webinar

Biodiversity from a Systems Perspective

21 September 2021 Virtual meeting / Glasgow

2nd World Forum on Climate Justice

31 October 2021 Glasgow, United Kingdom

UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)