As one of the IIASA founding organizations, the Japan Committee for IIASA has helped develop a highly-productive relationship between IIASA and Japan. The Japanese Ministry of the Environment funds IIASA’s annual membership fee and NMO activities.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Simultaneously reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Japan and Asia

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Projecting demographic change in Japan

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 Advancing energy and integrated assessment modeling in Japan

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Improving our understanding of the carbon cycle and the roles played by forests and agricultural lands

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Reducing disaster risk in Japan

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Growth, innovation, and technology research


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India gate

18 November 2020

Tackling the growing challenge of urban air pollution

How can fast growing cities keep air pollution in check? A recent World Bank report highlighting IIASA research explores this tricky question, looking at the kinds of policies and actions cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, thus providing lessons for other cities.


29 November 2021

Using energy demand reduction for decarbonization in Japan

Options Winter 2021: In an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, Japan has put ambitious strategies in place to reduce energy demand. IIASA researcher Shinichiro Fujimori and his colleagues used modeling to explore potential energy system changes and their cost implications.
Crowd of people in Tokyo

21 October 2021

United scenarios

Policy Brief #31, October 2021. A harmonized scenario framework can help to align national climate policies with global goals.
united scenarios


20 October 2021 Online and at Institute Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the CAS

Systems Analysis in Asia

20 January 2022 Virtual Symposium

Societal transformation towards global sustainability