The National Member Organization (NMO) for Germany is the German Association for the Advancement of IIASA. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the NMO and the IIASA annual membership fee.

Founding membership since 1972 as Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Sciences, Federal Republic of Germany (1972-1983), Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic (1972 to 1990), and German Association for the Advancement of IIASA (1984 to present but affiliate member 1998 to 2002).

Main areas of collaborations: 


Supporting Germany’s changing energy landscape

Icon Climate Change

Research collaborations to tackle climate change

Icon SDG

Transformations towards a sustainable future: TWI2050

Icon Forest Land Use

Improving our understanding of the carbon cycle

Icon Risk Resilience

Increasing climate and disaster resilience

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Advancing the methods of systems analysis


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28 November 2022

Standardizing migration data in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: Researchers illustrated the discrepancies in migration flow statistics across Europe to help standardize data and better understand migration patterns.
Regional impacts

28 November 2022

Collaborating for better research and management of wildland fires in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: In a collaborative effort, researchers, practitioners, and managers created an overview of current wildland fire patterns and challenges across Europe.
Regional impacts

18 June 2022

Gaining popular support for green tax reform

Options Magazine, Summer 2022: In the effort to combat climate change, the notion of green tax reform has become increasingly common, but how do different carbon tax designs affect people at different income levels?
Green Tax Reform