The Slovak Republic joined IIASA in 2020 with its membership supported through the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport.

Czechoslovakia was a founding member of IIASA in 1972. Following the peaceful dissolution of the country into the Czech- and Slovak Republics at the end of the Cold War, the Slovak Republic remained a full member of IIASA from 1994 to 2003. 

Main areas of collaborations: 

Icon Land Use

Land Cover and Land Use Change in Slovakia

Icon Climate Change

Climate impacts on global agriculture and food security


Climate change and energy policies toward a sustainable future

Icon Forest Land Use

European forest management 


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Covid-19 Coronavirus Spreading Across Europe

15 July 2021

Tracking COVID-19 across Europe

According to the World Health Organization, a third wave of COVID infections is now all but inevitable in Europe. A COVID tracker developed by IIASA researcher Asjad Naqvi, aims to identify, collect, and collate various official regional datasets for European countries, while also combining and homogenizing the data to help researchers and policymakers explore how the virus spreads.
Flag of Slovakia, Slovak Republic

01 April 2020

Slovak Republic re-establishes ties with IIASA

The Slovak Republic has rejoined IIASA as a national member with its membership supported through the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport, and the Slovak Committee for Cooperation with IIASA.


28 November 2022

Standardizing migration data in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: Researchers illustrated the discrepancies in migration flow statistics across Europe to help standardize data and better understand migration patterns.
Regional impacts

28 November 2022

Collaborating for better research and management of wildland fires in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: In a collaborative effort, researchers, practitioners, and managers created an overview of current wildland fire patterns and challenges across Europe.
Regional impacts
COVID 19 outbreak in Austria

15 April 2020

COVID-19: An unprecedented shock to social and economic systems

Erich Striessnig discusses the risks posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic and shares insights from his latest research around socioeconomic indicators related to the pandemic in Austria.