The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the National Member Organization (NMO) and represents Ukraine’s membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 

Icon Land Use

Developing systems and tools to guide pathways for food security


Global energy systems and how to transition to a sustainable energy mix.

Icon Risk Resilience

Exploring ways to increase resilience to financial, industrial, and natural disasters

Icon Systems

Integrated Management of Food, Energy, and Water Security


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26 June 2023

Addressing population decline in Ukraine after the Russian invasion

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Joint Research Centre (JRC) and IIASA collaborate to explore the future of Ukraine's massively declining population post-war.
Ukraine Refugees

28 November 2022

Standardizing migration data in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: Researchers illustrated the discrepancies in migration flow statistics across Europe to help standardize data and better understand migration patterns.
Regional impacts

28 November 2022

Collaborating for better research and management of wildland fires in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: In a collaborative effort, researchers, practitioners, and managers created an overview of current wildland fire patterns and challenges across Europe.
Regional impacts