The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the National Member Organization (NMO) and represents Ukraine’s membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Developing systems and tools to guide pathways for food security

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Global energy systems and how to transition to a sustainable energy mix.

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Exploring ways to increase resilience to financial, industrial, and natural disasters

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Integrated Management of Food, Energy, and Water Security


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Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in Zaporizhia Oblast from “Hydroelectricity in Ukraine”

Integrated modeling for robust management of food-energy-water-land use nexus security and sustainable development


15 November 2020

Integrated management of food-energy-water-land for sustainable development

Options Winter 2020: A joint project between IIASA and the National Academy of Science Ukraine has provided valuable input to Ukrainian policies based on the principles of sustainable development.
wheat field

18 July 2018

Ensuring a sustainable future for forests: The case of Ukraine

Policy Brief #18, July 2018. Research shows that large parts of forests in the mid-latitude region, including in Ukraine, are under serious threat of being obliterated by the end of the century unless urgent adaptive action is taken.
Forest panorama with rays of sunlight