The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) is the National Member Organization (NMO) representing Brazilian membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Balancing the needs of agriculture and the environment in Brazil

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 Supporting Brazil’s changing energy landscape

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Improving air quality and tackling climate change

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Projecting demographic change in Brazil


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Airial photo of water reservoirs in Brazil

21 September 2021

To solve Brazil’s energy and food crisis: store more water

Storing greater amounts of water in Brazil’s reservoirs could increase precipitation and river flow, alleviating the water and energy supply crisis in Brazil.

11 February 2021

Raising climate ambitions could save millions of lives

Adopting policies that are consistent with achieving the Paris Agreement and prioritize health, could annually save 6.4 million lives due to healthier diets, 1.6 million lives due to cleaner air, and 2.1 million lives due to increased physical activity, according to new research.


RESTORE+: Addressing Landscape Restoration on Degraded Land in Indonesia and Brazil


29 November 2021

The pursuit of wind power expansion in Brazil

Options Winter 2021: Renewable energies such as wind power will be increasingly important for a net-zero future. IIASA participated in a study that looked at the impacts of wind power expansion in Brazil and explored possibilities to reduce the environmental risks.
Windfarm in Brazil in the sunset

17 November 2020

The impacts of climate change on Brazilian agriculture

Options Winter 2020: A recent IIASA study highlighted the importance of considering the impacts of changes in temperature and precipitation in the development of Brazilian agribusiness.
Soybean plant in Brazil