The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is China’s National Member Organization (NMO).

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Sustainable agriculture and food security

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Projecting changing population and human capital in China

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Terrestrial carbon management in China


Tackling climate change and sustainable energy sources

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Applying network analysis to study urban metabolism in Chinese cities

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Developing strategies to clean up China’s air


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24 November 2022

2022 TWAS-Lenovo Science Award awarded to Fu Bojie

IIASA congratulates Fu Bojie on receiving this year’s TWAS – Lenovo Science Award, in recognition of his seminal contribution to the understanding of interactions between human beings and the environment, and their implications for sustainability.
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16 September 2022

Expand your horizons with a postdoctoral fellowship at IIASA

IIASA offers a range of postdoctoral opportunities for early career researchers. The institute is currently accepting applications for two of its postdoctoral offerings: the IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Peking University (PKU)–IIASA Postdoctoral Program.
Wind turbines in Hebei Province, China.

14 February 2022

Pursuing carbon neutrality and water security in China

China has promised to become carbon neutral before 2060 and has coupled this ambitious target with stringent limitations on industrial water use by 2030. An international team of IIASA researchers and Chinese colleagues explored the effects of simultaneously pursuing these goals.


28 November 2022

Analyzing urban metabolism in Beijing

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: A new comprehensive study on the urban metabolism of Beijing clarifies the impact of buildings, infrastructure, and goods on the city and its residents.
Regional impacts

07 November 2022

Promising climate progress

Policy Brief #34, October 2022. Recent net-zero pledges could take the world a long way towards meeting the Paris climate goals, but an ambition gap remains.
Promising climate progress
Urbanization concept showing high-rise buildings around the planet

04 July 2022

Estimating global urbanization trends over the 21st century

Qingxu Huang shares insights from a recent article published in Nature Scientific Data on updating global urbanization projections under future scenarios of socioeconomic and climate change. The study was conducted in collaboration with Raya Muttarak from the IIASA Population and Just Societies Program.