India’s Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) represents India and its scholarly community at IIASA. TIFAC has established a national committee for the India–IIASA Programme to oversee research collaborations and capacity-building activities between the Indian research community and IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 

Icon Land Use

Improving land, soil, and water management in India


Energy and climate change modeling

Icon Risk Resilience

Increasing India’s resilience to natural disasters

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Projecting India’s demographic changes

Icon Forest Land Use

Managing India’s forests for the future

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Smart ways to clean up India’s air


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New Delhi City

14 August 2023

IIASA Director General's mission to India: paving the way for sustainable growth and collaborative partnerships

IIASA Director General, Albert van Jaarsveld, visited New Delhi from 27 to 29 July 2023. This trip marked a momentous opportunity for IIASA to strengthen its ties with India and global partners, as well as contribute to the advancement of the Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy.
Delhi traffic pollution

08 August 2023

Decarbonizing India's road transportation brings major co-benefits, notably reducing air pollution

India's road transport transition requires energy efficiency and cleaner energy sources to combat emissions growth and air pollution.
Crowded street in Delhi, India

06 June 2023

New book sheds light on adult mortality in India

A new book titled, Adult Mortality in India: Trends, Socioeconomic Disparities, and Consequences, provides an in-depth analysis of adult mortality patterns in the country and addresses crucial issues related to public health and policy.


Colorful paper-people cutouts holding hands

19 September 2023

Engaging communities in resilience planning: Insights from the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance learning event

IIASA researchers Teresa Deubelli-Hwang and Jung Hee Hyun share insights from a decade of collaborating on fostering flood resilience in communities around the world following a recent Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance learning event.  

26 June 2023

Citizen science: Co-creating a better future

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Citizen science is the new buzzword. Science is no longer confined to ivory towers, it is something that anyone and everyone can participate in. With numerous citizen science initiatives around the world, you can be anything from an astronomer for a day, counting stars in the night sky, to a marine biologist decoding whale sounds.  
Citizen Science- Main Image

23 June 2023

Q&A: At the intersection of sustainability and economic growth

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Q&A with IIASA Honorary Scholar Prof. Kirit Parikh, a long time IIASA collaborator and supporter of the institute's Young Scientists Summer Program.
India cooking LPG