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FLAM team and Korean Post-docs

17 October 2023

New Team Members in Focus: Advancing Research Works in Agriculture, Forestry and Ecosystem Services Group

We are pleased to announce the arrival of four new researchers to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group. With varying backgrounds and research objectives, this quartet is poised to elevate the group's interdisciplinary research in global and regional agriculture, forestry, and natural land ecosystems.
FLAM team and Prof. Kim

25 July 2023

Professor Donghyun Kim's Visit to IIASA strengthens ties between South Korea and the FLAM team

Jeonju University's Professor Donghyun Kim visited IIASA on July 24, 2023, to present his cutting-edge research on drone technology for smart agriculture and fire suppression and monitoring. The visit aimed to explore collaboration possibilities with the FLAM-AFE team.
Technicians installing solar panels on a roof

26 June 2023

Are we building back better yet?

With the pandemic thankfully receding in the rear-view mirror while the climate crisis looms ever larger in front of us, it’s worth remembering the calls from 2020 to “build back better”. A recent study investigated how we are progressing on achieving this ambitious goal.


04 December 2022

Celebrating 50 years of global collaboration

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: IIASA organized a series of celebratory activities with its member organizations throughout 2022 to celebrate 50 years of groundbreaking systems analysis research and opportunities to strengthen partnerships and collaborations with the global scientific community.

07 November 2022

Promising climate progress

Policy Brief #34, October 2023. Recent net-zero pledges could take the world a long way towards meeting the Paris climate goals, but an ambition gap remains.
Promising climate progress


Photo 260785013 © Mirko Kuzmanovic |

Development of a global integrated assessment modeling system for climate-air pollutants management focused on Northeast Asia (GUIDE)