In 2023, IIASA launched two innovative webtools offering a wealth of data and insights into climate mitigation and exposure to impacts stemming from development and climate change.

The global Climate Solutions Explorer is a comprehensive tool developed by IIASA researchers in the Energy, Climate, and Environment Program in collaboration with numerous partners as part of the ENGAGE project,  which provides users with access to cutting-edge model results and up-to-date information on climate change impacts and mitigation strategies. In addition, the Asia Clean Air and Climate Explorer developed on the same platform with the Ministry of Environment, Japan, and other Japanese partners, provides insights with a focus on Asia.

The open access platforms are user-friendly and informative, featuring interactive maps, dashboards showcasing mitigation pathways, and articles covering diverse climate-related topics and countries.

For those interested in specific countries or regions, the national and regional dashboards consider various factors such as socioeconomics, emissions, mitigation options, and climate impacts to provide a better  understanding of the climate landscape of specific countries and the potential effects of global warming. Both platforms also offer narratives from local experts detailing national transitions toward sustainable societies,  which provides valuable cross-sectoral insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by different countries in their efforts to combat the challenges of climate change.

By providing accessible data, advanced models, and expert analysis, these tools empower individuals, businesses, and policymakers to make informed decisions and contribute to a more sustainable future.