IIASA recently welcomed Ron Milo, an Associate Professor from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, to discuss ongoing research projects and explore future collaborations between the two institutes.

Following a meeting with IIASA Director General Albert van Jaarsveld, Energy, Climate, and Environment Program Director Keywan Riahi, Head of Communications and External Relations Barbara Kreissler, and Guest Senior Researcher Vered Blass, Milo held a seminar titled "The biomass distribution on Earth and humanity's impact".

In his presentation, Milo addressed the fact that a census of the biomass on Earth is key for understanding the structure and dynamics of the biosphere. Yet, a quantitative, global view of how the biomass of different biological groupings compare with each other is still lacking. Milo presented a way of assembling the overall biomass composition of the biosphere, establishing the first census of the biomass of all the kingdoms of life. He concluded his seminar discussing far-reaching effects of humanity in the context of his research focus on systems biology and sustainability.

Several IIASA researchers engaged in the subsequent Q&A session, sharing knowledge and ideas for potential collaborations. Participants also reflected on a recent joint project as part of the Young Scientists Summer Program: An early-career researcher from the Weizmann Institute spent the summer at IIASA and worked closely with scientists from the Energy, Climate, and Environment Program on their project. 

In the afternoon, Milo had in-depth discussions with Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group Leader Volker Krey, Transformative Institutional and Social Solutions Research Group Leader Shonali Pachauri, and IIASA researchers Florian Maczek, Jan Steinhauser, and Marta Kozicka.

IIASA looks forward to continued dialogue and collaboration with the Weizmann Institute that will lead to important advancements in addressing global challenges.

Bettina Greenwell from the IIASA communication team also had the opportunity to talk to Milo about his research during his visit. Watch the video below to find out more.


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