As part of the institute's 50th anniversary celebrations, the National Research Foundation (NRF), in partnership with IIASA, the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and the British Council jointly hosted a symposium showcasing the Next Generation of Systems Analysts.

The symposium brought together current, and alumni students and experts supported by NRF, DSI, IIASA, the British Council and other stakeholders during the past decade to share their journeys, successes, opportunities, and challenges. The symposium also provided an opportunity to present the new concept of the regional South Africa Systems Analysis Centre (SASAC) model, re-branded as the Sub-Saharan Africa Systems Analysis Centre (SASAC), which will drive regional systems programs.

These engagements contributed to South Africa’s systems analysis programs by:

  • Strengthening networking opportunities among the systems analysis research community in South Africa, at IIASA and other prominent research institutions across the globe;
  • Strengthening linkages between the Systems Analysis research community and key stakeholders who make use of Systems Analysis outputs;
  • Increasing supervisory and mentorship opportunities between South African students and IIASA Alumni;
  • Strengthen and increase opportunities for robust, scholarly international exposure for doctoral scholars, supported by revised scholarship and mobility programs;
  • Increasing joint research activities between, South African, African and IIASA experts; and
  • Increasing awareness of systems analysis opportunities and outcomes in South Africa and the continent.

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