The Strategic Initiatives (SI) Program engages in active horizon scanning to identify initiatives of high strategic impact in order to continuously push the boundaries of systemic analyses.   

The program works closely with the IIASA National Member Organizations (NMOs) to identify NMO specific research interests and needs, and leverage the expertise available across the institute to break new ground in systems research and applications while also establishing and building strategic partnerships. IIASA strategic initiatives are time-bound and set up via periodic competitive, rigorously scrutinized, internal calls for proposals.

Initiatives are selected based on their ability to draw on cross-program expertise and expand the IIASA research portfolio beyond that identified in the research plans of other programs. The initiatives pursued under the auspices of the program are typically of value and interest to several or all NMOs and serve as a vehicle to better align the research interests of NMOs and IIASA, albeit with a clear focus on themes identified in the IIASA strategy. 

The objectives of a Strategic Initiative include:

  1. Leverage cross-program expertise and expand IIASA’s research portfolio beyond that identified in research plans of other Programs.
  2. Lead to high strategic impact scientific outputs
  3. Be a vehicle to better align NMOs and IIASA’s research interests, albeit with a clear focus on themes identified in IIASA’s strategy
  4. Act as a magnet for external co-funding
  5. Be set up via a formal call for proposals with a defined selection process and evaluation criteria.

IIASA Connect is bringing together our NMO network and the Strategic Initiative researchers.



29 April 2022

FairSTREAM updates

In 2021, the fairSTREAM project was selected as one of the first high impact Strategic Initiatives at IIASA. Below is an update on what the project has achieved to date.
Just transitions

29 April 2022

JustTrans4All updates

The project, Just Transitions to Net-zero Carbon Emissions for All (JustTrans4All), was selected in 2021 as one of the first two IIASA Strategic Initiatives. The project kicked off in September 2021 and aims to contribute to novel analyses of transition pathways that reflect justice concerns.  



Just Transitions to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions for All (JustTrans4ALL)

Water flows through irrigation canals on a farm leek onion plantation. Agriculture and agribusiness. Conservation of water



17 June 2021

Interview: Charting a course for IIASA strategic initiatives

Options Magazine, Summer 2021: Q&A with Tyseer Aboulnasr, Chair of the IIASA Committee for Egypt to discuss her participation in a series of workshops that aimed to set the agenda for the new program’s research activities.
People around a table with images of strategy concept

25 June 2020

Engaging diverse groups for better policymaking

Options Summer 2020: How can system analysts engage in, or even co-design and implement, processes that provide inclusive, effective, and informed policy guidance? IIASA researchers are at the forefront of addressing this question.
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