The IIASA Connect Feature series shines a spotlight on the opportunities and achievements within our network. Register now for our event on 31 January 2024 where we will discuss The Language of Co-Production to Transform Collaborations with Maggie Dugan, Founder of Inclusive Innovation.

We are excited to welcome Maggie Dugan, to host our next IIASA Connect Feature as a training session on The Language of Co-Production to Transform Collaborations

Maggie is a facilitator and a workshop architect. She designs and leads events that provoke innovation: Impact labs, leadership development programs, facilitator training, collaborative strategy sessions. She is founder of Inclusive Innovation, which uses a creative methodology to activate innovation at the intersection of science and economic development, focused the Sustainable Development Goals. 

This training session is for colleagues engaging with various stakeholders in their projects, and colleagues will leave with a set of tools they can use to incorporate in their work. 

It also follows up from topics covered during the TRUST SI Workshop: Empower, Engage, Trust - Building Bridges between Science and Society hosted by the TRUST project within the IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program.

Speaker: Maggie Dugan, Founder of Inclusive Innovation

Inclusive Innovation fosters creative collaboration for sustainable development. We deliver workshops focused on economic inclusion, access to education, health services, smart agriculture, climate action, social entrepreneurship — these and other topics aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal mission of bringing ‘peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future’.


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