The TISS group explores innovative solutions to environmental issues that integrate social, institutional, and governance drivers with technological and economic considerations, with an emphasis on improving conditions for the most deprived and marginalized in society.

The TISS Group specifically aims to develop more comprehensive and integrated approaches to simultaneously meeting developmental, planetary, and public health-related goals by taking a people-centered approach to sustainable development and mitigation of environmental impacts. The group investigates novel technological, social and institutional innovations to address environmental challenges with a focus on end-use services for human wellbeing, explicitly integrating distributional, equity, institutional, and governance aspects into the assessment of these novel solutions under a broader framing of transformations underpinning the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through its research, TISS endeavors to provide a basis for new innovations, new business models, and social entrepreneurship and a renewed emphasis on informing more equitable, effective, and acceptable policy design.