From the latest climate science to recent demographic trends: experience the Long Night of Research on 24 May 2024, a scientific event that bridges the gap between academia and the public, and gain insights from IIASA researchers.

Every two years, the Long Night of Research ("Lange Nacht der Forschung") unfolds across all nine federal states in Austria. With free admission, the public gets an up-close encounter with science, engaging in meaningful exchanges with researchers. IIASA will be present in three distinct locations, showcasing its latest research on climate and demography.

Wolfgang Lutz © IIASA

IIASA in Carinthia

Examining global population trends: is Europe facing a decline in birth rates?

Wolfgang Lutz, IIASA Interim Deputy Director General for Science, will give a lecture at the University Klagenfurt on global demographic developments. 

Global population growth is slowing down and will probably peak at around 10 billion in the second half of the century, as birth rates are falling everywhere. In Africa, where birth rates are still quite high, the population will double. In Europe and East Asia, the population is aging rapidly and has already begun to shrink in countries without immigration. The crucial question is whether it will be possible to compensate for the lower number of children through better education and higher labor force participation.

CO2 © 9dreamstudio |

IIASA in Lower Austria

How can we make sure that we reach our climate goals?

At ISTA Klosterneuburg, several IIASA researchers will envision a climate-neutral future, talk about ways to reduce carbon dioxide, and even play a game about surviving climate challenges.

Join Elina Brutschin, Karl Scheifinger, and Jan Steinhauser, to discuss future visions for a good life in 2050 and debate what is actually important for a good life and how we can measure it. With the help of LEGO you will learn more about the sources of CO2 and new technologies that help to capture and store it.

Wildfire © Paulo Manuel Furtado Pires |

IIASA in Vienna

Preparing for Climate Change: Austria's Approach

IIASA researchers will be at the Austrian Academy of Sciences to present the climate risk project CRiSDA and address the increasing threat of wildfires through the FIRELOGUE project.

Alberto Fresolone will present aspects of the research project CRiSDA which aims to identify tools and methods to co-create a climate risk service for managing drought risk in Austria.

Xiran Dong will share insights into the FIRELOGUE project: this initiative creates a network and platform for the discussion on the future of European wildfire risk management, engaging the entirety of the wildfire community.