Building on the research previously undertaken in the Ecosystems Services and Management and Water programs, the BNR Program fully exploits the potential for biodiversity research within integrated system analysis. 

The program brings together different elements of land and aquatic ecosystems including agriculture, forests, and fisheries with water and the marine environment to inform global and regional policy assessments and provide robust science-based knowledge and foresight. The program aims to establish IIASA as an international community hub for biosphere research through innovative tool development; to lead the integration of biophysical-economic modeling with governance; to engage with stakeholders; and to facilitate community driven efforts. It provides policymaking support through core program and group research undertaken in the four BNR research groups.

BNR further engages in bilateral collaborations with other research programs and groups at the institute on key cross-cutting themes such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, the green economy, resilient food systems, transboundary governance, resource depletion and migration, and digital transformation. 

Models, tools, datasets

Forestry and logging

Global Forest Model (G4M)


Chamois picture taken near the Rax

Designing a resilient and coherent Trans-European Network for Nature and People (NaturaConnect)


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Esther Boere

Guest Research Scholar (IBF)

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Anastassios Haniotis

Guest Senior Research Scholar (IBF)

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Ellen Tan

Program and Project Officer (IBF)

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Taha Loghmani

Guest Research Assistant (WAT)



08 February 2024

IIASA research informs the European Commission's recommendation for 90% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2040

The European Commission set an ambitious mid-term target, supported by an extensive Impact Assessment, paving the way to climate neutrality by 2050.

24 January 2024

IIASA delegation visits Slovak Academy of Sciences

A recent visit by a delegation from IIASA to the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) in Bratislava marked a significant step in strengthening scientific collaboration between the two institutions.
Climate change article in a newspaper

11 January 2024

IIASA researchers wrote some of the most talked about climate papers in 2023

Climate change and energy were among the topics that received the most media attention in 2023. IIASA researchers contributed to six out of the 25 most mentioned papers in online news articles, as well as on blogs and social media platforms.



Costa Rica

07 February 2024

Rainforest gets digital twin

One of the most species-rich rainforests in southern Costa Rica is being digitally recreated. IIASA researcher Florian Hofhansl explains how the project intends to map the biodiversity and health status of the rainforest and attract sponsors.

11 November 2023

IIASA trailblazers: Celebrating excellence in 2023

Options Magazine, Winter 2023: IIASA has a long history of being home to some of the most exceptional systems thinkers of our time. In the last year, several IIASA researchers were again honored with various awards and appointments.