The Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation (BEC) group is dedicated to support and promote early career researchers who wish to engage with us and our work. There are several ways of joining our group and we are particular interested to engage with researchers who are interested in our methods and projects.  

Be a YSSP in the BEC group:

We often supervise researchers who wish to participate in IIASA's annual young scientist summer program (YSSP). For candidates interested in applying to be a YSSP researcher in the BEC Group, please read all the information on the conditions and eligibility in the YSSP FAQs. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with recent publications from the group to help guide your proposal development. YSSP positions are quite competitive and usually most IIASA research groups can't supervise more than a few at most. Thus, we strongly recommend to get in contact with a BEC researcher prior to any application so that we can help you guide your proposal.

If you have further questions or are unsure who would be a suitable supervisor, please contact Dr Martin Jung and/or Dr Piero Visconti in the first instance. Please attach a CV and either a proposal abstract, or as a minimum bullet points on proposed research topic and how it aligns with the thematic research priorities of the BEC group. 

PostDoc/Researcher positions:

We often advertise for positions related to specific projects we are involved in or leading on. Regularly check out our twitter handle (@Bec_IIASA) and the IIASA jop openings page here. We usually receive many good applications, thus if you are interested in applying to any position, make sure to point out specifically your motiviation and skillset related to the requirements of the position. When in doubt about any specific aspect in the position, it usually also helps to contact the BEC researchers highlighted on the Job Page.

We also welcome applications for the IIASA open-topic postdoctoral fellowships. You can find more information on the fellowships here, including what kind of information is needed to apply. We generally welcome applications from researchers whose interests align with those of the BEC research agenda and research topics. See the BEC home page for an overview of our research agenda, current research projects and previous publications. For this fellowship we strongly recommend to get directly in contact with BEC researchers to discuss your proposal idea prior to any application. When contacting us, please attach a short abstract of your project idea, how it connects with our interests and your current CV.