Equity, diversity, and inclusion is more than just an ambition, it's the foundation of our innovative systems approach to solving the problems of modern societies.

As an international research institution, IIASA is well placed to understand the need to combat inequality, discrimination, and imbalanced representations in sociocultural identities.

As an evidence-based institution, IIASA is deeply committed to encouraging and applying equity, diversity, and inclusion across its own workforce and operations.

By promoting and safeguarding these principals, IIASA is securing the quality of its policy-oriented research into problems of a global nature and ensuring its ability to consider the wider aspects of its work.

At IIASA we celebrate in the inclusive and empowered environment we have nurtured, and welcome the authentic benefits this commitment has fostered.

To support the IIASA Strategy (2021-2030) and the Research Plan (2021-24), the institute introduced a diversity policy in 2021 with a range of ongoing and new initiatives. Among these is the commitment to establish a Gender Equality Plan, using the European Commission’s Gender Equality in Academia and Research tool as a framework.

More information on the IIASA Equity and Justice (EQU) research group, which focuses on the human dimension of selected globally relevant policy challenges, can be found here.

Data on the people working for IIASA and the human resources strategy that empowers this valuable workforce can be found in the most recent Annual Report.

The IIASA commitment on gender equity can be found here.

Information on the IIASA Women in Science Club (WISC). a network for people connected to science at IIASA interested in amplifying the scientific contributions of women, can be found here.