The IIASA Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a comprehensive and cyclic framework designed to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment at the institute. It serves as a roadmap to address gender disparities and promote positive change across all aspects of the organization.

The IIASA Gender Equality Officer chairs the IIASA Forum for Gender Equality and Inclusion, which serves as a platform for consultation, dialogue, and collaboration among diverse stakeholders within the institute. The forum enables annual evaluations to assess the effectiveness and impact of measures.

The GEP includes the following key measures to promote gender equality:

  1. Monitoring Data: Implementing a robust data collection and monitoring system to gather accurate and reliable gender-disaggregated data. This enables the analysis of the current state of gender equality at IIASA and the identification of areas for improvement.
  2. Gender Awareness Training: Organizing workshops and training programs to raise awareness about gender biases and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to actively prevent gender-related discrimination.
  3. Career Development and Mentoring: Developing initiatives to empower early- and mid-career female and non-binary scientists, providing them with opportunities to grow and advance in their professional journeys.
  4. Recruiting of Mid-Career Scientists: Enhancing recruitment strategies to attract and hire more female and non-binary mid-career scientists, aiming for a better gender balance within research staff.
  5. Enhancing Gender Balance in Leadership: Working on initiatives to improve gender balance in leadership positions, ensuring that more women and underrepresented groups have a seat at the decision-making table.
  6. Adding a Gender Perspective to Policies and Procedures: Reviewing and updating policies and procedures to incorporate a gender perspective, fostering fairness and inclusivity in all aspects of operations.

IIASA acknowledges the importance of advancing from equality to equity. In the coming years, IIASA will enhance its endeavors to not only offer equal opportunities but also address systemic barriers and attain equitable outcomes. This involves fostering an environment where individuals, irrespective of their gender or background, have access to resources, support and opportunities to flourish.

Join IIASA in embracing the Gender Equality Plan, supporting its implementation, and together, let's build a future where everyone feels valued, included, and empowered to thrive.