The SYRR (ASA) group is hosting a meeting with leading experts on climate risk management, resilience and adaptation on 6 June.

Human-induced climate change is already causing significant and widespread disruptions to global ecological and social systems, impacting the lives and livelihoods of billions worldwide. Despite increased efforts on risk management and adaptation, there are limits to how much adaptation can reduce these effects in a further warming world.  While there is increasing attention to this issue, little is currently understood how adaptation limits unfold in social systems. The APEIRON initiative of the Universities of Helsinki, Zurich and Fribourg with GERICS (Hamburg) and IIASA aims at understanding climate adaptation limits in socio-ecological systems and sharing insight with policy and practice.

Outcomes of the IIASA expert meeting will include a plan for enhanced collaboration as part of the APEIRON initiative and a commentary.

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