Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA): Scientific Achievements 2012

The overall objective of the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program is to achieve a cutting edge in systems analysis and to provide a substantial basis for tying together systems methods and applied research on global change.

ASA’s research strategy aims at i) development of new systems-analytic methods rooted in IIASA’s applied research; ii) development of feedback between systems-analytic methods and applied research on global change; and iii) demonstration to a broad scientific audience of new knowledge obtained through the use of the new methods.

ASA’s core themes include Assessment of Dynamical Systems; Systemic Risks and Robust Solutions; and Integrated Modeling and Decision Support. The ASA Program supports development of IIASA’s Advanced Systems Analysis Forum.

Detailed information on ASA research can be found by clicking on any of the items below or in the right-hand box on Advanced Systems Analysis Program 2012.

Assessment of Dynamical Systems

ASA is implementing advanced dynamical systems modeling, which is used to infer the future states of systems from observations of their past and present states.   More

Systemic Risks and Robust Solutions

ASA has been researching how systems, with their multiple complex interlinkages and interdependencies, can suffer "cascading failures," how to maintain or improve system robustness levels, and the management of systemic risk More

Integrated Modeling and Decision Support

ASA engaged in a number of projects using integrated modeling to support decision making More

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Advanced Systems Analysis Program 2012

Assessment of Dynamical Systems

Systemic Risks and Robust Solutions

Integrated Modeling and Decision Support

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