ESM scientific achievements in 2012

ESM worked on numerous projects, introduced new modeling methodology, and published widely in peer-reviewed journals in 2012.

Under the new IIASA Research Plan, ESM has worked on a large number of small- and large-scale projects financed by different international and national agencies. Many of ESM’s scientific achievements in 2011 were reported in peer-reviewed editions, including high-level international journals including Science, Nature, PNAS, and Global Change Biology. As well as solving specific scientific problems, ESM has paid special attention to the development of methodological backgrounds for integrated modeling, and has continued to make further improvements to the ESM Integrated Modeling Cluster.

Detailed information on ESM research can be found by clicking on any of the items below or in the right-hand box on Ecosystems Services and Management Program 2012.


Environmental resources and development (ERD)

ESM researchers studied the complex interactions between agricultural land use and the natural environment to inform sustainable development policies.  More

Forest Ecosystems Management (FEM)

ESM analyzed a number of ways in which the management of forest ecosystem services could be optimized to foster sustainable development. More

Agro-Environmental Systems (AES)

In 2012 the ESM team made good progress with the structural improvement and development of several EPIC model implementations at the European, African and global scale.   More

Global Earth Observation Systems (GEOS)

ESM research on Earth observations (EO), in collaboration with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and national space agencies,  is devising new approaches and technologies to collecting, harmonizing, and verifying spatial information, for use with the ESM integrated model cluster. More

Uncertainty and Risk Assessment (URA)

ESM undertakes uncertainty and risk assessment in a number of areas related to ecosystems and land management More

Policy and Science Interface (PSI)

ESM’s Policy and Science Interface group aims at strengthening various aspects of ESM’s role in the climate and land use change-relevant community  More

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Last edited: 30 October 2013


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