SATFARM Services
Scaling-up green finance to achieve the climate and energy targets (GreenFin)
sCience& human factOr for Resilient sociEty (CORE)
SDG-pathfinding: Co-creating Pathways for Sustainable Development in Africa (SDG-pathfinding)
Silent drivers of biodiversity change across the Earth’s abandoned land
Simulating the environmental and socio-economic effects of shared autonomous electric vehicles: the case of Vienna (SIMSAEV)
Smart Policy Support for Integrated Climate Risk Management (SMARTSUPPORT)
Socioeconomic Pathways, Adaptation, and Resilience to a Changing CLimate in Europe (SPARCCLE)
SOS Water- Establishing a Safe Operating Space (SOS) for the global water resources system (SOS Water)
Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture (SIGMA)
Support Energy Efficiency Deployment with the Multiple Impacts CAlculation Tool (SEED MICAT)
Sustainability Performances, Evidence and Scenarios (SPES)
Sustainable Agriculture Matrix (SAM Co-Development)
Sustainable aviation biofuel supply chains in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sustainable Bioeconomy Futures – From Malaysia to South East Asia
Sustainable development pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth (SHAPE)
Sustainable water quality management supporting Uganda’s development ambitions (SWAQ-Uganda)
Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics
Systems analysis of patterns of COVID-19 spread in Europe and Russia
Systems approach to EU wildfire risk management project (FIRELOGUE)