The second workshop of the Foresight Exercise is organized in the framework of the “Emerging trade routes between Europe and Asia” scenario building project. The aim of the second workshop is to identify plausible realizations of Arctic regional factors under two distinctly different global scenarios. These two global scenarios are the most quintessential out of the four scenarios by the World Economic Forum Future Council on Trade and Investment based on the deliberations of the first workshop.

Emerging Trade Routes between Europe and Asia © Yevgeniy Plotnikov |

The Workshop participants include: 

  • Mikhail Belkin, State Policy Director, Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, State Corporation Rosatom, Russia
  • Lawson W. Brigham, Wilson Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, USA
  • Mikael M. Janson, Director, North Sweden European Office, Belgium
  • Pavel Kabat, Chief Scientist & Director Research, World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland
  • Sofia Rekord, Head, Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics
  • Tero Vauraste, Regional Director Nordics, Iceye Oy, Finland
  • Charles J. Vörösmarty, Director, Environmental Sciences Initiative, Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA

Each workshop participant is asked to give their perspective on plausible developments of the selected regional factors under each of the two global scenarios. Based on the discussions in the first workshop, the project team modified the originally presented global and regional factors. To justify these modifications, statements made by participants in the first workshop are mapped into these factors.

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