A delegation of 15 Korea University representatives, led by long term IIASA collaborator Woo-Kyun Lee, visits IIASA for a one-day workshop. 

Professors Woo-Kyun Lee and Dongjo Seo from the OJEong Resilience Institute (OJERI), University of Korea, will visit IIASA with a delegation of colleagues including OJERI Research Professor and YSSPer 2017 Cholho Song, OJERI Researhc Professor Hun Park as well as Korea University PhD candidate and YSSPer 2021 Eunbeen Park. 

During their visit, Korean colleagues will meet with IIASA Deputy Director General for Science Leena Srivastava, the FairSTREAM research team and several researchers from the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group. Discussions will focus on potential opportunities for collaborations between IIASA and Korea University researchers as well as strengthening of the ongoing common projects.

Woo-Kyun Lee is also the coordinator for the 50th anniversary event to be held in Korea in this coming October. He will discuss the upcoming events with the DDGS as well as opportunities for visits to Seoul at the occasion of the IIASA 50th anniversary year. 

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