IIASA is hosting a FireLinks Cost Action Synergy Workshop on 5-7 June. The FireLinks COST Action, also known as "Fire in the Earth System: Science & Society" aims to establish a robust and interconnected network of scientists and practitioners dedicated to forest fire research and land management. The project brings together experts from various disciplines, including fire dynamics, fire risk management, fire effects on vegetation, fauna, soil, and water, as well as socio-economic, historical, geographical, political perception, and land management approaches.

The workshop will be opened by Florian Kraxner and Artemi Cerdà, FireLinks Coordinator, from Universitat de València, Spain. It will feature 15 presentations by forest fire researchers and practitioners from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey. The presentations will cover the following thematic sessions:

  1. International cooperation and community engagement
  2. Ecology of fire and impacts on ecosystems
  3. Monitoring and detection of forest fires
  4. Wildfire risk analysis and modeling

As part of the meeting, we are organizing an excursion to forest fire areas near Saubersdorf, Lower Austria, guided by Mortimer Müller from the Institute of Silviculture, BOKU Vienna.

Click here for more information on FireLinks including the agenda

You can learn more about the Wildfire climate impacts and adaptation model (FLAM) model here.