Andrey Krasovskiy profile picture

Andrey Krasovskiy

Senior Research Scholar

Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Andrey Krasovskiy is a versatile mathematical modeler with expertise in simulations, control problems, and optimization, applied across different ecosystems and multiple spheres, including economics, technology, and social sciences. His research covers land use and forest modeling, with a specific focus on wildland fires across Europe, Eurasia (including Russia), Asia (including Indonesia), the Boreal zone, and globally.

Krasovskiy’s journey at IIASA began with the prestigious Mikhalevich Award in 2006. He transitioned to the former Ecosystems Services and Management Program in 2012 and currently leads the FLAM team within the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group, making significant contributions to the Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program.

As the primary developer of the Wildfire climate impacts and adaptation model (FLAM), a mechanistic fire model integrated into the IIASA biophysical model cluster, he plays a pivotal role in assessing and projecting burned areas and fire adaptation strategies in the context of climate change. His research interests also extend to dynamic optimization of economic growth and investment models, the evaluation of REDD-based offsets with financial benefit-sharing mechanisms, wildlife population modeling, permanence modeling, and the optimization of election policies within age-structured societies.

Last update: 18 SEP 2023