The FireLinks COST Action, also known as "Fire in the Earth System: Science & Society," aims to establish a robust and interconnected network of scientists and practitioners dedicated to forest fire research and land management. The project brings together experts from various disciplines, including fire dynamics, fire risk management, fire effects on vegetation, fauna, soil, and water, as well as socio-economic, historical, geographical, political perception, and land management approaches.

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Foster Collaboration: FireLinks connects diverse communities of scientists and practitioners to encourage collaborative and innovative approaches to fire research.
Synthesize Knowledge: FireLinks consolidates existing expertise to define a unified research agenda for creating fire-resilient landscapes.
Address Societal Needs: FireLinks tackles urgent challenges posed by intensifying wildfires, considering socio-economic, historical, geographical, and policy factors.

Andrey Krasovskiy, as a Management Committee (MC) member, actively contributes to FireLinks through organizing meetings, coordinating conferences, engaging in networking activities, and co-authoring research papers. Florian Kraxner and Shelby Corning also play vital roles in the organization of meetings and other networking initiatives.

Opportunity to Meet Famous Fire Scientists:

Participation in FireLinks provides a unique opportunity to connect and engage with renowned fire scientists in the field, including Artemi Cerda, Stefan Doerr, Paulo Fernandes, Juli Pausas, Gavriil Xanthopoulos, and many others. Their presence offers valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities for participants.

By leveraging their expertise and the opportunity to interact with famous fire scientists, FireLinks strengthens collaboration, advances fire research, and promotes the development of fire-resilient landscapes in Europe.

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Sofia 2019 MC Meeting.

For more information, please visit the FireLinks official website or refer to the COST Action CA18135.

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